Team Members

Longstanding Team Members Succession planning is an integral business strategy at HDWCo, and has proved successful throughout the years since 1960. While we ensure that our organization structure is adequately qualified by their respective skills, the company promotes and encourages partake in training and educational programmes and most importantly working with the supervision of highly experienced team members. These skills are then complemented by working with the industry’s best technical and managerial experts and acquiring the learnt experience and build upon this experience. Amongst our exceptional team are individuals who are, without comparison, experts in their field and whom, to date, proudly contribute to the success of HDWCo throughout the years.

team member


  • (L-R Front) Tamara Wallace, Sachae Senior
  • (L-R Back) Sonia McAllister, Philip Hawthorn, Janet Thompson
team member

Sales Team

  • Front- Antoinette Hawthorn-Ingleton
  • (L-R Back) Damion Gregory, Delroy Stockhausen, Michael McKenzie, Oneil Williams
team member


  • (L-R) Garfield Barham, Robert Lewis, Lebert Plummer, Edward Colley
team member

Well Drilling Team

  • (L-R Front) Pete Davis, Anthony Powell, Kemar Hudson
  • (L-R Back) Kedroy Smith, Lebert Plummer, Keith McLeod
team member

Pump Team

  • (L-R Front) Pete Davis, Anthony Powell, Jonathon Bent, Kemar Hudson
  • (L-R Back) Robert Lewis, Keith McLeod, Kedroy Smith, Andrew Bent, Markel Thompson, Iton Gregory
team member

Mechanics Team

  • Front- Garfield Barham
  • (L-R Back) Demoy Mighty, Marktino Higgins
team member


  • Iton “Bambi” Gregory