Our Founder

Mr. Nevile Hood-Daniel

The Founder of Hood-Daniel Well Company Limited

Nevile Hood-Daniel was an honest, hard working, fun loving and generous Jamaican. It gave him great pleasure to be able to provide water to those who needed it and to share his knowledge and energy with friends, family, employees and whomever he came in contact with. He valued competence, efficiency and stood for integrity. He had high expectations of his employees who gave their best because he tolerated no less. The job had to be done right; a culture we have adopted even to this present day!

Without hesitation, he would always offer a helping hand to those in need. Humble and innovative were two traits that could easily describe Nevile Hood-Daniel as a professional. His remarkable designs contributed many innovations currently in use in Jamaica today, such as the original starting gates at the Caymanas Race Tracks used in the 1930’s. His special gifts contributed to and were renowned in the water industry throughout Jamaica; one such gift was being able to locate masses of underground water using a unique technique known in the water well industry as divining.

Nevile Hood-Daniel began his journey in 1946 where he managed Waterwell & Engineering Ltd. in Vere for Clare McWhinnie, owner of Paradise Sugar Estates. His experience in drilling over 250 wells with 5 machines, has contributed to building an island-wide reputation in agricultural, municipal, and industrial water supply solutions. But even before his career at Waterwell & Engineering Ltd., he made his mark in 1930 within the industry by rebuilding the water wheel and aqueduct at Hazelymph which had been out of commission for at least 40 years

Being a natural entrepreneur, Nevile Hood-Daniel’s vision was not only to provide for his family but also a career for the employees from Waterwell after closing their doors, as well as providing water to this beautiful island he had grown to love; it was in 1960 that Hood-Daniel Well Company Limited was born and opened in Mandeville. The initial Drilling Equipment was purchased from Waterwell who were phasing out their operations. Immediate success of the new Company was driven by the conversion of the island wide electrical frequency from 40&60 cycles to 50 cycles, necessitating modifications to all existing electrically operated deep well pumps.

The first office location was at Kencot adjacent to the Belair School in Mandeville, Manchester. Determined to build the company, Hood-Daniel Well Co. Ltd expanded and hence in 1962 property was purchased at Spur Tree and “Hillend” became the center of operations until 1969 when growth dictated opening an office in Mandeville where communications were readily available. Later, the existing Spur Tree location was purchased and occupancy took place in 1973.

After the electrical conversion of the various deep well pumps, steady business was generated from the Sugar Estates, The National Water Authority (now National Water Commission) and Parish Councils throughout the island, with domestic water systems being added at a later date. To service the expanding market that Nevile Hood-Daniel had fostered, Peerless Pump became an important supply partner, followed by Capco, AgRain, Farrow Irrigation, Warrick Controls, and other specialized local and foreign equipment suppliers, some now defunct.

Nevile Hood-Daniel set an incredible and immaculate culture within the Hood-Daniel Well Co. family. His practices and outstanding work ethics have carried through the proceeding management team and technical specialists. In 1972 David Crum Ewing joined the Company as Managing Director, retaining that position jointly with Michael Hood-Daniel. The latter migrated to the U S in 1974, joining Peerless Pump in Tampa Florida. David Crum Ewing then migrated to the United States in 1977 at which time Philip Hawthorn assumed total responsibility for the operations and remains the Managing Director and Chairman to date.