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Mr. Philip Hawthorn


Officially joining the team in 1976 as a co-manager after years of part time summer employment, Hawthorn was responsible for running all phases of the company operations until 1978 when he assumed sole responsibility for the running of the entire company reporting to the Directors, he then later became a Company Director. His educational background of acquiring a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Geography at the University of the West Indies (Mona) was excellent foundation for his career in the management in a water well industry. Additionally, he partook in numerous technical and sales seminars and training programmes. His relationship and understanding of the technical department is attributed to his hands-on experience in the field and his ability to continually deliver on a promise and maintain the integrity of the organization contributed to his well- earned respect.

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Mrs. Antoinette Hawthorn-Ingleton

June 2009 marks the date that the most recent addition of the Management team entered the company on a full time basis. Ms. Hawthorn only returned to the company after completing her Bachelor of Science Degree in Management studies achieving First Class Honors at the University of the West Indies. Having previous experience as a professional in sales and marketing, her aim is to ensure that the company continues to exist and develop for decades to come. Antoinette’s responsibility will be to strengthen the company with the implementation of fresh and creative ideas, maintaining and expanding our authorized dealership network, strengthen company, relations, improving market communication and promote sales activities. She is eager and always optimistic in all attempts to try new methodologies and to maintain the culture set by top management such as integrity, effectiveness, and a welcoming work environment.

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Mr. Iain Maciver

Mr. Iain Maciver is newly appointed to the Board of Hood-Daniel Well Co. He brings with him varied experiences and background. He started with Fletcher and Stewart Ltd – the engineering arm of Booker Brothers McConnell as an engineer apprentice while furthering his studies. During this period he studied sugar technology and mechanical engineering at Derby College (Derby UK) and Heriott-Watt University (Edinburgh). He later moved into the financial field working for a number of Canadian banks and investment companies at one point being Manager – North America, mortgage administration for a large pension fund manager. He broadened his knowledge with education in law and accounting. His career the took him into the Information Technology field which gave him extensive experience in project management while working for a Canadian provincial finance ministry from which he took early retirement in 2007. He is absolutely delighted to be a member of the company, having known most management and staff for many years.

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Mr. Bryan Ingleton

Bryan Ingleton graduated from the University of Technology, Kingston, Jamaica with a Bachelor of Engineering Degree (Civil) where he specialized in Construction and Structural Engineering. “Bryan” has over ten years experience in the field of engineering and possess good communication, analytical, and managerial capabilities. “Bryan” is also senior partner in the firm PAVECON Limited, as such; he brings to the board strong leadership and decision making skills. “Bryan” is a member of the Mandeville Lions Club, a charitable service organization.

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Mrs.Jean-Marie Hawthorn-DaCosta

Jean-Marie Hawthorn- DaCosta holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English accompanied by Diploma in Education along with 8 years of experience teaching primarily at the secondary level. Currently, she is the Operations Manager at a Service Station where Jean-Marie coordinate and monitor administrative expenditures, processes and procedures develop strategies for the delivery of customer services, stock and order inventory, assist in preparation of budgets and qualitative information analysis for management decisions, and recruit and training of staff.

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Mrs. Meleseia Barker-Hawthorn

Meleseia Barker-Hawthorn graduated from the Northern Caribbean University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Information Technology with a minor in Education, she also holds a Teacher Diploma from Church Teacher’s College in Mandeville, NCTVET Diploma in System Administration, a diploma in Technology Integration in Secondary School Curriculum from the Mico University College, Mandeville and a Diploma in Supervisory Management from Mangement Institute for National Development (MIND). A Senior Teacher by profession with the ability to think like an educator Meleseia brings insight to the board and will be instrumental in articulating the goals and objectives of the organization.

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Mrs. Sonia McAllister

Assuming the role as a secretary in 1988, Sonia McAllister more affectionately known as Mrs. Mac, made a remarkable impression on HDWCo’s clients becoming ‘the voice’ of the company. Her excellent communication skills and meticulous organization skills made the business processes and projects flow with ease. Naturally, management found that Mrs. Mac’s capabilities were more than adequate to place her in the position of the Office Manager, and finally in 2009, she rightfully earned the role of the Company Secretary to the Board of Directors. Continuous self-development has always been a personal goal of this ambitious individual and she always challenged herself in various and numerous management training seminars and courses. To-date Mrs. Mac has earned her Associates Degree in Human Resource Management and continues to innovate herself and is presently pursuing at the University of the West Indies a Bachelors Degree in Management Studies. She has been an asset to the company and has contributed immensely to the years of success at HDWCo.