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Our History

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Showing The World When We Started

Opening its doors in 1960 with a small team of two highly skilled well drillers, led by a visionary, Nevile Hood-Daniel, HDWCo has since extended its services from the original well drilling, chlorination and pump services to include down hole camera inspections, well rehabilitations and agricultural equipment sales and services, complemented by teams of well-trained, specialists for each area of our service portfolio.

Complementing the well drilling department with the supply and service of the reputable Peerless Pumps, the company takes pride in the inherited and maintenance of years of knowledge and experienced gained since 1960.

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Growing Team

Teaming up with great and creative people

Being an innovative organization, we have added new dimensions to our well drilling services resulting from the dynamic economic environment and the need to satisfy a gap within Jamaica’s agricultural industry. In 1987, HDWCo became the sole distributor in Jamaica for Massey Ferguson, which resulted in us being the leaders in tractor sales in Jamaica.

As time proceeded, the company built relationships and positioned itself into being the sole distributors of Bell Cane Loaders in Jamaica, TATU Implements, Stara Implements, and Jacto Boom Sprayers. HDWCo made a commitment to its customers to provide excellent specialized service and spare parts for maintenance of all its agricultural equipment.

With its pre-occupation being “water”, it was seen feasible to complement the water drilling by becoming the distributor for many overseas suppliers of water equipment and supplies highlighting the distribution of the KIFCO AG-RAIN Travelling Sprinklers.

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Even Better and Better

Once again added a new dimension

In 2005, HDWCo once again added a new dimension to its business with Core Hole Drilling. This service was becoming an increasing demand and the decision to acquire a Mobile Drill Rig Model B54 along with a team specializing in this venture has proven successful.

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Advancement in Technology

With the advancement in technology, HDWCo continued to diversify their portfolio and thus included the service of a down-hole camera inspection in 2009. To date, this technology has proven successful in analyzing the condition of water wells, and assisted in well rehabilitation.

The reputation of HDWCo has not surpassed distributors’ worldwide, and after careful analysis the reintroduction of chlorination equipment became a reality. In 2011, HDWCo became the sole distributor of Hydro Instruments, one of the leading brands in its industry.

While established in 1960, to-date the company has innovated its product line and services to facilitate the ever changing needs of our clients. By building on our foundation and passing on our experience and culture throughout our generations, we make a commitment to continue to provide excellent quality customer service and contribute to Jamaica’s social and economic development.


To enhance the foundation on which two of the most vital humanitarian basic needs, food and water, can be provided to all Jamaicans.

Our scope of work, inclusive of well drilling, well rehabilitation, pump and tractor sales and support services, are very technical and specialized functions and we recognize the importance of a guaranteed delivery of excellent service and a job done ‘par excellence’.


Experience is built into our business structure. Every aspect of our business involves the transfer of knowledge and proven methodologies since 1960. This level of experience attributes to building unique solutions for our clients and in our ability to always deliver.

Communication is a key asset of our organization and we endeavor to ensure that all lines of communication are open both internally and externally. A world class service organization strives for 100% effective communication and that is precisely what we aim for.

Relationships with all our shareholders is crucial and a value added service that is aimed to benefit all. Mutual respect, dedication, integrity and commitment are our foundations in the relationships we start, continue to build, and to always maintain.

We Have Decades of Experience In

our fields of expertise

  • Well Drilling
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Pump Sales and Service
  • Well Rehabilitation
  • Bell Cane Loaders
  • Down Hole Camera Inspection